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"After almost a half a year of work, I am so excited to introduce The Creekman's "Seed of Life" UNISEX Hair and Beard Oil in collaboration with Lions & Tigers & Beards! πŸ’ͺ🌲

Let me tell you the story behind this product. It started in late 2016, when LTB asked me for a collaboration on Instagram. I wasn't very convinced with all the gendered hair and beard products that were already on the market so far. Because in fact, our hair doesn't know whether it's male or female or on which part of the body it's growing... and we all just want the same thing, healthy and good looking hair! I always wanted an all-in-one hair and beard oil with certain ingredients and a certain aroma. I met Danny, CEO of LTB in Miami, and we worked several evenings and nights together. He gave me full freedom to compose and design everything. So I tested a lot of oils and scent combos till this final product was made... A combination of all natural ingredients! Argan oil, coconut oil and a mixture of essential oils. This gives it a very fresh, mellow, and sweet scent that hopefully everyone will love, regardless of your gender! Since it's made in small batches, it will only be available for a limited time! ⌚ I am so excited to hear from everyone!" - The Creekman